Idea of breeding

Idea chovu koníWe do know that even the best conditions for breeding Thoroughbreds do not mean much if they are not accompanied by the comparable quality of breeding material . The preparation of the breeding herd was launched in the project DARHORSE in February 2010.That preparation started with the purchase of the first potential breeding mare Corcovado. Up to these days, it has been the most sport successful mare that has ever appeared in the Czech stables and the local flat tracks. The complete careers of Corcovado, Leo Gali, Blessyourpinksox, Luxurious, Brittany, Trinity and other mare stars, which outclassed the best stallions in Central Europe in most cases, are reminded in the part called „Mares for breeding“.

From the very beginning, the emphasis was put on the exceptional quality of the mares integrated into the breeding. Inspired by the same logic it was followed in the case of involvement of the stallion Midships Gr.1, the winner and son of wonderful Mizzen Mast from sheikh Khalid Abdulah´s breeding. At the end of 2012 Bully Pulpit, which is the most successful active stallion in the Czech Republic, joined Midships. You can find the comprehensive information about both of them in the part „Stallions“.

In the breeding of Thoroughbreds, a number of techniques , methods and ways can be applied but in our case we are trying to fulfill an essentially simple rule "Combine the best of the best and expect the best".

Successful foreign breedings almost always fulfill the three basic assumptions ,as follows:

  • top-class conditions for breeding,
  • top-class breeding material,
  • top-class staff.