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Transportation of horses

Přeprava koní - Renault ParaganThe center has two modern transporters Renault Trucks Paragan and Theault to transport two or three horses. We also own two quality trailers for 2 and 4 horses, which can be assigned to a set of transporters or connected to company vehicles. If necessary, a company minibus Mercedes Vito is available to transport more people and material. That minibus is again possible to connect with a trailer for two horses.

DARHORSE center within ACTON Ltd., inter alia, holds all permissions, registrations and authorizations for the international transport of animals without any time limitation. The transportation is provided with the emphasis on the quality, safety and efficiency across Europe.

Přeprava koní - Renault ParaganThe vehicle fleet is used very efficiently thanks to the commitment in the breeding area that has a high season during the winter months and just the interconnectivity of the DARHORSE center facilitates the transport of horses in the racing operation in a quality and cheap way.


The vehicle Renault - Paragan is especially adapted for the transport of horses at further distances . It has the following equipment :



  • The pneumatic rear axle controlled by the driver, which provides a safer and more comfortable drive in the case of any uneven terrain or poor road conditions
  • Přeprava koní - Renault Paragan - vnitřní pohledThe strict safety standards and hygiene are meet by the floor space for horses , which is made from molded antislip rubber.
  • The horizontally adjustable dividers between horses whose settings of space can be adjusted to a size of a transported horse or in an extreme position it can be adjustable to transport foals or mothers with their foal together .
  • The controlled air ventilation ensures a two-shift and two-speed ventilator in the ceiling accompanied by a temperature sensor. A driver is informed about the current temperature in the cargo compartment by a digital display.
  • The passive ventilation air system provides the set of four-speed side openable windows, along with the antidraught ceiling window
  • The space for horses is equipped with an overhead divider to facilitate the transport of stallions or problematic horses
  • The vehicle has a couple of the rear doors for the easier access to horses during the transport. The rear divider is equipped with the panic system to release the horses in emergency situations.
  • The vehicle has some special room for storing all the accessories of horses and their feed
  • The capacity of the car cab is 5 persons. Here there is also located the sleeping module for 2 persons Two beds are placed in the back of the car cab.
  • VThe vehicle has the camera system available. The people in the car are enabled to monitor the situation in the cargo compartment and also behind the vehicle on the LCD monitor.
  • The towbar device allows you to connect a horse trailer
  • The rear divider is equipped with two mobile feeding troughs


Loading and unloading of horses is free of charge in all cases
In the case of the travel distance up to100 km the price shall be agreed

If the case of the total travel distance from 100 km to 1000 km it will be charged:

1 horse CZC 10 per km traveled
2 horses CZC 14 per km traveled
3 horses CZC 20 per km traveled
4 horses CZC 24 per km traveled
5 horses CZC 30 per km traveled


If the case the total distance traveled over 1000 km it will be charged:

1 horse CZC 10 per km traveled
2 horses CZC 13 per km traveled
3 horses CZC 19 per km traveled
4 horses CZC 23 per km traveled
5 horses CZC 29 per km traveled


In the case of trips abroad tolls, ferry costs, fees for tunnels and bridges are not included in the price of transport etc. These costs will be charged according to their real amount.


Import of horses

The DARHORSE Center provides for their clients a large selection and purchase of horses abroad, including the transportation and all the paperwork associated with the import. The import of horses is carried out mainly from the following countries : Ireland, England, France, Germany and the USA. The purchase of a horse is based on an individual agreement with the owner of the stable or at auctions or in the sales race .

Analysis of pedigree

The center DARHORSE is able to help you choose the right breeding stallion for your breeding mare via their cooperating experts.

Sale of horses

After an agreement with the DARHORSE center, the owners of foals, yearlings and breeding mares may use DARHORSE´S presentation and sale opportunities. The owners and breeders have the opportunity eg. via this webside to present the sale of their horses . Another option is to ensure the complete sale of horses for foreign auctions or sales to those interested people cooperating with the center DARHORSE .