Veterinary requirements

The necessary documents and health requirements for stabling and covering of breeding mares in the center DARHORSE

1. A valid license of a horse.
2. The performed vaccination for tetanus.
3. The performed vaccination for herpes virus ( EHV).
4. The performed vaccination for flu (influenza) of horses.
5. A negative test for infectious anemia of horses (EIA) carried out during the last 18 months.
6. A negative test for infectious metritis of mares carried out during the last 12 months.

We recommend the owners to bring and to transmit the data on any reproductive problems in their own interest no later than the date of the importation of their mares in the breeding center DARHORSE. In response to that information the care for a breeding mare will be individualized to increase its chances of a successful pregnancy . If the owner of a mare will not be able to ensure the implementation of any of the tests or vaccination, it is possible to provide that after the former agreement in the center DARHORSE. The mare will be placed in the quarantine barn untill it meets the health requirements.