The prices for stabling horses in the breeding (the price for one day without VAT) Price
A Mare - sterile or pregnant 200
A mare with a foal to weaning 220
A weaner 160
A yearling 180
A pasture breeding (usually from May 1 to September 30) 150
Price list associated with breeding (the price per performances without VAT) Price
Brushing 3000
Operation during covering ( price for the jump) 300
Determining pregnancy sonograph 600
Everyday veterinary supervision (without veterinary performances) 0
Prices for basic blacksmith work (the price per performances without VAT ) Price
Shoeing all hooves 1000
Shoeing a front leg 650
Grating all the hooves of older horses 600
Grating only the hind legs of older horses 300
Grating a foal under a mare including any correction 400
Grating a weaner or yearling including any correction 800
The indicative prices of the certain veterinary performances (price without VAT ) Price
Deworming 300
Vaccination Tetanus 250
Vaccination Paralazation 400
Vaccination Influenza 500
Vaccination Trichoequen 750
Ultrasound examination in justified cases 800
Performances of smears, blood tests and samples for laboratory examination 150

All the above prices are exclusive of VAT, the amount of which shall be charged in accordance with applicable laws.